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FP&S Parts website Environmental policy

FP&S Parts and Service Ltd recognises that it has an obligation to carry out its activities and operations at all times with regard to the environment and thus minimizing its environmental impact.

The Company is committed to:

  • Continual improvement in its environmental performance.
  • Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • The minimization of waste from all activities and processes.
  • The reduction of energy consumption.
  • Reducing and where possible eliminating potentially polluting releases to the environment.

To facilitate the achievement of these objectives, the Company will make available adequate financial and physical resources and establish an environmental management system satisfying the requirements of the international environmental standard
ISO 14001.

By operating within the standard the company will:

  • Set environmental objectives and targets and any improvement programmes identified.
  • Provide training for employees so making them aware of FP&S Parts and Service Ltd environmental policy and objectives.
  • Encourage suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt environmentally sound and responsible practices.
  • Monitor its own environmental performance by a systematic programme of internal audits.

All employees, regardless of their jobs at FP&S Parts and Service Ltd, shall carry out the Company's operations with due regard to this Policy Statement as well as taking individual responsibility for preservation of the environment.

This Policy Statement is available to all interested parties upon request.

Signed :
(E Cushnahan - Director)